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Services - Blum - Health, Wellness & Breathing


Our Team at Blum has experience treating a variety of sleep, dental, and TMJ services

Our Services

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Do you often snore, gasp, stop breathing, or have interrupted sleep patterns? We offer treatment for sleep abnormalities.

TMJ & Jaw Pain

​If you suffer from jaw pain, jaw locking, head pain, headaches, or ear congestion, we have a comprehensive solution for you.

Braces Alternative

75% of kids today are already showing signs of teeth misalignment, crowded teeth, and incorrect facial development.


​Support your child from the beginning, if your baby was born with a lip or tongue tie, it can affect every aspect of their overall health.

“This company has been fantastic to work with. They really care about their patients and their needs. The treatment they recommended for my TMJ pain has worked wonders and they have been there every step of the way.”

Will S.


I find it easy to get an appointment and the front desk staff are so friendly and prompt to me. My child recently learned that she will benefit greatly and she is as happy as I am to regain her health and happiness.

Tom H.


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