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Tongue-Tied Treatment Twin Falls ID | Blum - Health, Wellness & Breathing

Tongue Tie / Lip Tied Treatment in Twin Falls, ID.

Correct Tongue or Lip Tie With our highly rated treatments

Understanding Tongue or Lip Tie

Support your child from the very beginning. If your baby was born with a lip or tongue tie, it can affect every aspect of their overall health. Lip or tongue ties can interfere with nursing and eating, causing nutritional issues. As your child develops, these problems can cause difficulties with speech as well. We use a laser to release the lip or tongue tie. This procedure is called a frenectomy, one of our well known services.

Some babies can have ties and not be symptomatic. To know if the ties are a problem we ask two major questions:

1. Is the baby getting enough to eat?
2. Is nursing comfortable for the mother?

Ask about procedures for children and adults as well to help with speech difficulties and improper swallow patterns. It’s never too late to have this fixed and recovery time is just a few days.


"After nearly a year now of getting good sleep at night, I wanted to write to say thank you for your help in fitting me with what my husband and I affectionately call “my friend.” This simple appliance has been wonderful. I struggled with my C-pap machine and frankly did not have much success with it helping me sleep and remain asleep, but day one with the appliance you created for me has been life changing. It is so simple to use and even take with me when I travel. After a little pillow talk, I put it in my mouth and simply fall asleep and remain asleep. My breathing is natural and easy. I reach deep sleep and remain there without the breathing interruptions or snoring that I experienced before getting my sleep appliance. Both my husband and I are grateful. I sleep better at night and feel better during the day. My energy level and life have improved and I believe that with the better sleep I get now, that I will enjoy better health and a longer life. Thanks again, Dr. Geddes, for your professional help."

Diane B.

Orem, UT

“I have had clicking and grinding for about 15 years in my jaws. I didn’t pay much attention to it until a few months ago when I could hardly open my mouth and bit down on a hamburger. My jaw hurt so bad. I was introduced to Dr. Geddes and his expertise with the treatment of TMJ and sleep apnea. The treatment started and I have an appliance I wear in my mouth during the day and another at night. The journey has started. Dr. Geddes is very knowledgeable, thorough and explains every step so I understand the process. Everyone in the office is so helpful, friendly and caring. I have been wearing the appliances for over a month and I sleep better, not as tired during the day. The ringing in my ears is minimial. The appliances do take sometime to get use but I am determined to get the jaw joint healed up. I really appreciate Dr. Geddes and his concern for my well being. On a scale of 1-10 Dr. Geddes gets a 10!!!!

Linda W.


“Our daughter has suffered intense migraines for over four years. We went through many doctors and tests to seek a cause. After three years, we realized that she was having severe jaw pain. We thought that the jaw was a result of the head pain. As we began investigating, we realized she was damaging her jaw and that the jaw pain was increasing her head pain. We explored some options and found great success with a local doctor to calm the inflammation. We were able to reduce the inflammation but not address the underlying cause. Once the swelling resumed, the jaw continued to increase in pain. Through a chance meeting Dr. Matt Geddes and his intuitive nature in asking many questions about our daughter’s jaw, my husband called me and said, “I feel like we might have an answer.” We began working with Dr. Geddes in November 2019. He was very accommodating and worked with our distance. We live 2 1/2 hours away from his office. We felt hope for the first time in many months. We talked at length about treatment options and felt confidence in his education and his methods. We were especially hopeful because his treatment did not involve medications and his treatment was meant to fix the problem. What we have witnessed in our daughter is relief. She feels relief from constant pain. It would be nice if her migraines completely disappeared, they have not. However, her migraines occur much less often and with less intensity. She is able to eat and function and enjoy being a teenager. Prior to treatment, she was not able to compete athletically as she desired because of the intense jaw pain. She was not able to eat the things she wanted to eat because of jaw pain. Prior to treatment, she slept fitfully and often woke up in the night with pain. Dr. Geddes was so patient to work with her to get the appliances to fit well so they could make a difference. We believe it was his treatment plan that had a direct correlation on the improvement of her jaw and subsequent pain. His office staff was so good to work with and they did all they could to help us with paperwork and understanding the costs. Our daughter has been wearing her appliance now for about four months. Two months into treatment she said, “Mom, my jaw feels so much better.” My only regret in our journey is that we did not know of Dr. Geddes earlier. Our daughters jaw joint was prematurely deteriorating and because of Dr. Geddes’s intervention, we feel she has added life to her jaw joint and great improvement in her well being.

Laura M.


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